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I'm a Sherlock fangirl (in fact I'm a all around fangirl for just about everything I watch/read), an obsessive reader, a writer, and generally a bit geeky.

I'm pretty chilled out (not into fandom wank) so if you follow me you'll mainly be seeing cute, funny, or epic stuff that I wanted to share. :D
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Goddam Sarah

Sherlock series 3 quotes:
M: "John  says he’s the most unsociable man he’s ever met."
S: "He is? He’s the most unsociable? Ah. That’s why he’s bouncing around him like a puppy."

"It wasn’t working for me."

Molly (and John)

"I’ve moved on."

Molly (and John)


"… so when he was arrested for blowing someone’s head off, it was quite a relief, to be honest."

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Top Gear is one of the best things BBC has ever produced 

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The X Files - 1x13 - 'Beyond the sea'

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I wanted to have another look at the scene of John dreaming of Afghanistan and Sherlock and to make some screencaps.

so we go from this


'want to see some more?' to this



When John removes Mary’s hand, his hand is now lower, closer to his groin, than it was when the scene began,…