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I'm a Sherlock fangirl (in fact I'm a all around fangirl for just about everything I watch/read), an obsessive reader, a writer, and generally a bit geeky.

I'm pretty chilled out (not into fandom wank) so if you follow me you'll mainly be seeing cute, funny, or epic stuff that I wanted to share. :D
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Goddam Sarah

Sherlock series 3 quotes:
M: "John  says he’s the most unsociable man he’s ever met."
S: "He is? He’s the most unsociable? Ah. That’s why he’s bouncing around him like a puppy."

"It wasn’t working for me."

Molly (and John)

"I’ve moved on."

Molly (and John)


"… so when he was arrested for blowing someone’s head off, it was quite a relief, to be honest."

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Top Gear is one of the best things BBC has ever produced 

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The X Files - 1x13 - 'Beyond the sea'

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